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Last week’s commentary ticked off the other side of the “V” . . .

Since I have been rather busy lately, I have not had a good opportunity to post on the internet.

About a week ago, I had some nice things to say about the Japanese.

In response, the usual Japan haters posted on NJ.com.

I read some of the comments, as well as those that were recently submitted to the Courier News about its (lack of) coverage about the 64th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack.

Frankly, I have to wonder where these people’s heads are.

During the summer, I pointed out that the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was cruel. Not to say that cruel things weren’t done to Americans in World War II. But in fact, that we also did awful things to the Japanese, that, in a humanistic (and Christian) sense, are hard to justify. That is the horror of war.

Some anonymous posters felt that this basic observation was somehow over the line. Don’t ask me.

Then, last week, I point out that the world could use some examples of ordinary Americans and the good things that we are about. Despite what people in America believe, these wars of aggresion disguised as “defending ourselves against the terrorists” aren’t winning us a lot of support in other countries.

This gets turned into somehow a “disloyalty” to America.

This is disappointing, but maybe expected. Japan attacked the United States. But the United States got its revenge and more. In some ways, it was done in ways that were (and are) controversial. We fought “Total War”, when in fact, it had NOT been the policy of America, to do this.

That’s fact.

It created a controversy, even at the time it was carried out. And not just among the Roosevelt haters. But in the end, people agreed that whatever measures would end the war, were justified.

After that, we signed a treaty. Which means that our former enemy, is now our friend.

The fact that some people want the 64th anniversary of Pearl Harbor commemorated on front pages of newspapers is a little disturbing. It ignores everything that has come since. And 64 years is about two generations.

I am sure that the people who complain about the lack of rememberance of historical events, truly are the ones “who don’t have lives”.

But fact is, the men (and women, but mostly men) who fought World War II and made sacrifices, did so, so that we would win. And winning meant, inevitably, that we would be friends with the losers.

America does not fight wars to conquer. Usually, we fight them, so that the “loser country” adopts our way of life. And becomes friends and trading partners with us.

That is what is happening now in Vietnam. A country where we actually LOST the war.

I find attacks on the Japanese today, because of World War II, to be only so much bigotry. Bigotry.

Want to talk about ethnic bigotries? Attacks on the Japanese, 64 years later, are about the worst.

It is funny, how so many of these “conservatives” throw the Bible out the window, when it comes to World War II and Japan.

They are bigots. And UN-Christian.

Japan lost, in horrible ways. Then they signed a treaty and joined us as allies.

That should be enough.

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