Speaking of Christmas . . .

Busy Holiday Season. Thanks for stopping by.

A few of the topics I hope to hit soon:

Communist-style public denunciations by Hillsborough Republican Party thugs. (We can also read the Beacon here in Japan, and surprising the nasty things that have been getting said about prominent reform group members by the Old Guard . . . )

Changes at Raritan Valley Community College, a school held back by low-brows among the working staff—and on the board.

Public internet discussion boards, a waste of time! Particularly, in the way history just repeats itself on those things. When people disagree so vehemently, it’s time just to set up the separate blogs.

As I’ve told regular readers here for almost three years, the BBS’s can attract some losers who few people want to deal with in real life. These are the ones who don’t use the internet to put out opinion and information about our local government and the people seeking to run it (or live off it through business!)

Instead, they use it as an attack vehicle for those who are exercising their First Amendment rights to talk about the government!

With our President admitting to spying on Americans without a court order, the Sieg Heil! movement of some of these BBS cyberbullies is particularly disturbing . . .