Some things never change . . . Two weeks time off, and the Bridgewater board antics resurface!!

It seems there is no escaping some people.

Once they have decided you are their internet “mark”, so to speak, they never let up.

Bridgewater G.O.P. 1999 mayoral candidate Phil Licetti is one such person.

Soon, we will be approaching the FOURTH year of being harrassed by Licetti under his many multiple screen names.

[Later note: I think this went on all through 2006, in fact. Then, I hear that someone with his similar line of style on chatboards kept it up against two other screen names for many months later.] (I think him and Hoagland Longo attorney Larry Powers take turns at this.)

Here I am, not even in Bridgewater, minding my own business. But that isn’t good enough for some people. So here we have Mr. Licetti, dredging up the most inane, insane and arcane matters from his multi-year bickering campaign. (This time the victim was Darby Tract advocate “Darby Dan”):

778. Wow!
by MyNickel, 1/26/06 14:31 ET
I did not expect to get into this harangue of yours. I don’t believe anyone else wants to hear about it. But, I can’t let you continue with your mistatements, to put it mildly.
Let’s see, you say I use the internet to carry out personal disputes. I have deliberately stayed away for many months now, in fact almost a year. I have read the site every now and then, But seldom posted to it. I religiously have stayed away from Hoofin, even to the point of not responding to his many insinuations that I am the poster when he disagrees with someone else’s post-until now.

[Then, later in 2006, “MyNickel” religiously made his presence felt on the Hillsborough chat boards.]

Second, I have NEVER mimicked Hoofin’s name. You got that all twisted around for some reason. He has mimicked not only my name, but at least one other person’s. If you read my prior posts with a clear mind you would know that.

Your reference to my retirement and too much time is remeniscent of how my dispute with him really got started on that other board you speak of. The fact is, our relationship did not fall apart until I objected to his nasty poems about other politicians especially our friend Ed, who, by the way, complained to me about it. He did’n’t like that.

[Edit:  Except the problem was that former Bridgewater Councilman Ed Irving was not my friend.     So what you really have is a local government official who doesn’t like song parodies about his self -serving land preservation schemes and mayoral aspirations recruiting somebody who he knows is an associate of the poster, to start hassling the poster.]

The real breakdown occured when someone with the screen name ‘Rock” wrote a disparaging thread about Hoofin. Feeling that Hoofin might think I did it, I immediatelty sent him an e-mail telling him it was not me. He wouldn’t buy that and went on an attack-which I responded to. In his attack, he, like you, referred to my having too much time on my hands because he knew I was retired. Now that really is something considering how many of you might be retired. On top of that, he was notoriously known as a constant poster AND he was unemployed. Imagine an unemployed person with a lot of anger toward his former employer and with a lot of time on his hands complaining about a retired person who found it necessary to respond to his hate messages?

[Edit:   more sleaze.  In 2003, I was between jobs but in an active search, going to school, and picking up a second professional certification.   I had a great package from my former employer, and a lot of friends there.

I think the notion of the “unemployed angry blogger” got its genesis in these days (2003-04), because the Republican Party in particular picked up on that theme and used it for years.   By 2006, it must have been part of the everyday story.

I save a ton of e-mails, so if I ever have that kind of  ” a lot of time on my hands “, I will have to see if this lead up to the below-referenced “downhill” was even true.   I think the old BBS internet link is done for. ]

It was all downhill after that. The final blow was that I was not about to allow his using me and the 1999 election to discredit Patti Fllannery, who, in 1999 was my running mate. Since you went back to those posts, I am amazed you didn’t realize that.

[Edit:   It went a bit beyond that, of course.   Mr. Licetti, at the urging of the Bridgewater GOP, didn’t want anyone to post anything about the mayoral election at all.  Plus he felt all posting over the internet should require the person to use their “real name”.   Seeing where Assemblyman Biondi later led such a bill in the New Jersey Legislature, it’s scary.]

You should know and Hoofin did know that many people in Bridgewater felt I was putting Hoofin up to these nasty statements since, as you say ” he was my flatterer and helper in the 1999 elections. Now, I not only didn’t like his methods, which was clearly explained to him, but I was not going to stand for him using me and the 1999 campaign to hammer Flannery, especially since I decided she was the far better candidate for Mayor.

[Edit:   Except after May 2003 and the appearance of “Hoofin to You!”, word quickly got around that Mr. Licetti and I were splitsville on things, anyway.   So it doesn’t explain the behavior in 2004, 2005, 2006 . . . ]

By the way, were you able to recover Hoofin’s archive posts, no right. You see, he was kicked off that board when he attempted to delete and modify them after they were already posted. You can’t find them. So, you are not really in a position to evaluate them-unless you take his word for them

[Edit:   In reality, very few got deleted.    Most stayed up for years.   In fact, I linked to the BBS in 2006 — concurrent with this original post.    Look it, there’s no hiding anything, here’s my stuff!]

When you say your post had nothing to do with prior elections, you had better read them. Our breakdown occured as a result of those prior elections. And your nastiness is due to the fact I didn’t support you or Ed about the Darby Tract. Be honest.

[Edit:   At this point I think some of the bullies started to get a little worried about where the hassling of a citizen using the internet to talk about local government.   Even in 2006, it wasn’t clear that the activity was common and going to quickly become a force in American politics, as evidenced by last year’s presidential election.

And here I think the man slipped up.   In one paragraph he says that I took an insult post by “ROCK” the wrong way.   Next he says it was a disagreement about some prior local election.    What the real problem was, was that the man decided to become a cyberstalker of sorts,  and follow me around to different BBS and chatboards on the internet.]

Finally, if I wanted to cause Hofin problems, I could have had a field day with his involvement in Hillsborough over the “Ward” issue. I was tempted, since I know a great deal about his attempts to get wards into Bridgewater and could have helped his adversary. I chose, instead, to stay out of it.

Sorry folks, I didn’t want to start this over again. I should have let this latest insinuation by Hoofin that I was the poster,”My5cents” go by as I have countless others.

[Edit:   and in cyberstalker fashion, of course, the man adds that as he followed me on to other chat boards, he could have tried to bicker with me there, too!   And he didn’t,  so in his sense that proves everything!

End of later edit.]

Folks, let me tell you, I haven’t figured out who DarbyDan is yet. But that poster sure does have it right!! I got very tired of this person and his constant bickering. For years now, he has hassled me about political posting over the internet. He pretends to have “special knowledge” to somehow make himself judge over when and whether (and where) I post political messages on the internet.

This kind of behavior is never excused. Certainly, in the early internet era, there were dopes trying to make an argument, that political speech over the internet, or in a blog, was “different”. But now that political campaigns routinely have associated blogs (and governors even seek out blogger support), even that line of argument is weak indeed.

“DarbyDan” is at least a genius of human insight. You want to see “lost his flatterer”, check out this post from the archives of another BBS, “”: BBS from early 2003

In this thread, Mr. Licetti is both “LazyBones” and “FlapJack”. He also used “LazyBones” on, but for some unspecified reason decided to retire that screen name and go with “MyNickel”.

Bicker bicker bicker. “Now you said this! Now you said that!” “I don’t like THIS!” “I don’t like THAT!”

My God.

Fast forward to 2006. He tells people he sat out the Hillsborough Faulkner Act debate last autumn. Mr. Licetti doesn’t live in Hillsborough. He apparently would have no interest in Hillsborough except for the fact that I helped the Reform Team. Allegedly, he is supposed to be commended for sitting that one out. When the fact is, it would have just looked like yet more cyberstalking.

Bury the hatchet?? Bury the hatchet?? Hassle someone for years on end who doesn’t want anything to do with you, then put out offers to “bury the hatchet”??


When this kind of stuff goes on outside of internet, it’s called stalking and harassment!