Perhaps my initial post on this wasn’t clear . . . Hillsborough Township has enough Dummies to defeat any good government measure

Perhaps my initial post on this wasn’t clear . . .

Hillsborough Township has enough Dummies to defeat any good government measure. As Benny Hill used to say: “It’s been proved!”

Here is the situtation:

Your fellow citizens gather up enough signatures on a petition to put a question before the public. It happens all the time in Faulkner Act municipalities. But your ruling government decides to fight the petition at every step. Every step.

Then, the next thing you know, you get a slew of professionally-done opposition literature, urging you to vote against the public question.

The opposition makes a number of unfounded claims. Like, “IT’LL COST SEVEN [HUNDRED] THOUUUUUSAND DOLLARS TO IMPLEMENT THIS CHANGE!!!!!!” And other bullshit.

Like most direct mail campaigns finished by shadowy Big Money, the literature is written as IF it is coming from your fellow neighbors. But fact is, it’s big, vested money interests who are providing the loot for the smear campaign.

(Honestly, honestly! Dopey people! How many of your neighbors actually spend good money on massive political direct mail? Who? Right? It’s always some big business or other big political interest.

So when the massive number of full-color glossies went out, decrying Question Three, what did you expect your Dummy neighbors to do?? Get the facts?? Ask more questions to have a more educated opinion on the Public Question??


These characters decided, that the “wiser” course of action, was to do whatever the powers behind the massive literature mailing wanted, and vote the measure down.

I am always astounded, how people get the barrage of mail AGAINST some person or proposal. And never ask: what is the money power behind these mailings, who is trying to mislead me into voting against my better interests?

They see the full-color glossies, purportedly from ordinary neighbors. And they think, “oh, Sam down the road is against this candidate or proposal!!!”

So stupid.

I hear they are looking for contributions for an expedition to finally, FINALLY PROVE, that the Earth is flat. That is what some people say. And they’ve sent out a lot of full-color glossy brochures to that effect. What are you dumbasses waiting for?

Isn’t it time you proved the Earth was flat?

(You’re behind the curve in a lot of other ways . . . )

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