When the oppositon improves their vote, it means you lost ground . . . Democrats gain in Somerset County

I was equally astounded, after last November’s local elections, how quickly the Republicans sought to put down the fact, that the Democrats did remarkably well in many municipalities—even though they did not win.

In particular was Paul Amitrani’s 48% polling in Bridgewater Township. (Much better than even I expected.)

Bridgewater has routinely put Republicans in with 60% or 65% of the vote. Now, suddenly, Republicans are only winning with 52% of the vote. The public is finally realizing, that the Lying Liars and the lies they tell (in this case, the Bridgewater Republicans) are costing the taxpayers a LOT of money!!!

All that commerical, retail, and office building in the township did nothing to cure the real estate tax problem. In Bridgewater, as well as the rest of New Jersey, it’s becoming clear, that you can’t DEVELOP you way to a low tax base.

Each new development leads to more government support. And: the RISK that the commercial properties will be valued DOWN, while your own home is re-valued UP. (Stupid!! Sooooooo Stupid!!!)

Yet, we still have development and their Shill Development Attorneys, like Lawrence Powers, pushing development projects—even when they don’t conform to zoning!!!

Courier News link about one of Larry’s developer clients looking for a variance to build four story buildings in a three-story zone.

People, the Republican Party controls local government from the Green Brook border with Union County to the Delaware River. You turkeys who buy the argument, that it’s really Democrats building up the Far Suburbs ought to have your heads examined.

There will never be sanity in the Far Suburbs until zoning becomes Moratorium. There needs to be a moritorium on new building. If you want to build new things, build them in New Jersey’s (once) great cities, where they belong. Don’t put new hotels in places where the previous projects are being marked DOWN for tax purposes.

It’s clear that you are doing no one the favor, except your law firm and client.

The public is not being served by ill-conceived development!