Blast from the past . . .

Licetti’s antics on the Somerville board in late 2003, shades of what he’s been doing on the Bridgewater board.

Wayback Machine record of the Somerville NJ chat forum (December 2003)

Through Wayback Machine at you can pull out many of the old posts (those from 2003 and even earlier).

It turns out that the diatribe Mr. Licetti recently (and once again) let loose on the Bridgewater board of line here, has its predecessor when he followed me to the Somerville board in late 2003.

Licetti spouted off his routine set of lies, insisted he had important things to say about Somerville, but frankly was only there as an internet stalker. And would never have posted there, had it not been to harass me, since I posted there.

The following I now call the “Lies of Licetti”. (This is an individual who needs church, that is for sure.)

1. “Hoofin was kicked off the board after he tried to delete evidence.”

What actually happened, was that Herb Katz refused to defend against tortfeasors on the board. People like now Hoagland Longo attorney Larry Powers, who posted NOT to engage in political debate, but to level personal attacks.

As a result of Katz’s refusal to monitor and defend his board, I began to pull my posts (why should Katz benefit from my work?). When Katz realized that, for the most part, I was the meat of his board, he deleted my access to my screen name.

I still object to Herb Katz’ lowlife actions. In his User’s Terms, he expressly grants the right to posters to later modify their posts. Liar Licetti never mentions this.

I explained this on May 12, 2003: posting

If you set up a board and grant users the right to modify, then don’t change the rules of the game midstream. What Herb Katz should have been doing that week, was thanking me for creating such a forum. Now, it’s dead. The last post, by a Larry Powers sock “Bradley Boy” was in late November.

2. Lie number two of Licetti: somehow I was “kicked out” of the Montgomery forum, and that I was sanctioned by

“Nothing could be further from the truth.” I stopped posting on the Montgomery forum, when it became clear that some nut screen-named “Adirondack” would not tolerate even one less-than-positive post about Montgomery Township (why waste my time??)

As for this “Hoofin” and “Hoofin2” situation, I was told by that my old screen name had expired. It didn’t make a lot of sense to me, but I took them for their word (that screen names expire). Along comes the Asshole now, to claim that somehow he made what would have to be false accusations, to get the screen name disabled.

Big whap! I have always posted under a “Hoofin” screen name—unlike Mr. Licetti, who has changed between “LazyBones” “Flapjack” and “MyNickel” (and a suspected couple others.) You can look back three years on Wayback Machine. I was Hoofin then, I am Hoofin now. Unlike Larry Powers or Mr. Licetti, (who says he is Powers’ friend), I stand by what I say.

They may think it’s cool to be weasels; I don’t.

If you spend any time on Wayback Machine, you soon realize that Mr. Licetti is a sicko who has harassed me on the internet for several years already. And Larry Powers is some sort of aggressive nut who attacks people personally, makes cowardly threats of bodily harm, and in the end has very little to say.

For several years now, I have not let these G.O.P. partisans get in the way of free speech. And I’m certainly not going to let them get in the way now!