The 9/11 Truth Movement Has Fox News ever effectively answered these questions? link

From what I can tell overseas (in a country with strict gun control — sorry Larry, you’ll have to do your shooting at another time), the Bush Administration is losing credibility fairly steadily.

As each earlier falsehood is exposed, the people begin to question the very earliest statements made by the Bush team (the ones from 2001).

There is actually a whole movement set up to learn the real “truth” to the attacks of 9/11 (that is to say, the group has rejected the official story of the attack, that does seem to have some unresolved components).

But for the more pedestrian skeptic, there are lingering questions about the events of the early 2000’s.

I like what Counterpunch asked about the anthrax. Remember that? The terrorists were going to start mailing all of us “weaponized anthrax”. Once it became clear that the material was U.S.-military made, all of the sudden the leads vanished. And the story disappeared. (“What anthrax?”)

Even if you believe that 20-something-year-olds have the ability to fly jumbo jets “on instruments” into precise targets (I’ll give a pass there), or that fire alone can bring down a steel-constructed high rise (like 7 WTC, even though the 1991 Meridian Bank building fire in downtown Philadelphia left the structure standing for years on end), it does make you wonder if the American public isn’t simply being “told” stuff to achieve a government objective.

Look at all the places in the world where America is sticking its nose in, unwelcome. Because of some alleged “threat” that honestly is not so clear. And how casually we just toss away American values, because they are inconvenient to the current Administration.

I have to wonder what the people back home, relying only on Fox News, have to say about the current state of affairs. It sounds to me like an American version of the swastika will be getting raised in no time, from the looks of things.

We used to be so much of a better and more honest country, before the current crowd took it over.