Congressman Ferguson up to no good (news courtesy of Nathan Rudy)

“There is nothing wrong with your television set . . . but”

Congressman Mike Ferguson wants to control what you tape on the radio.

Somewhere along the line, I got on the Blue7th e-mail list. “They” (and I assume “they” is Nathan Rudy) sends me interesting tidbits about what Ferguson is up to.

Recently, Ferguson sponsored a bill to restrict the amount of digital recording that can be done of radio programs.
Blue 7th link

When there is the continuing problem of Somerset County’s tax money ending up going Down South or Out West to fund their pork barrel projects and giveaways, why is Mike Ferguson worried about what you record on the radio?

It goes on to say elsewhere hereabout how Ferguson received a bunch of money from the television, radio and music industry.

This is how the GOP of the 2000’s does it. The amount of seats that allows them to control Congress is very small. (I think if something like one seat in every Northeast state changed from “R” to “D”, control would switch to the Democrats.)

They have people like Mike Ferguson out there, getting in front of goofy special-interest issues. Meanwhile, Congress (totally in control of Republicans) spends like drunken sailors. They are taking your tax money, and spending it on their consituents in the South and the West.

Mike Ferguson should be spending every hour of the day, trying to get some of OUR tax money back to US! Not through tax cuts, through spending! They will never be able to cut taxes low enough to make Somerset County even. We always will earn more than the hicks Down South (because we have educated workers, industry and an international port).

But we CAN get some of our tax money back, when our Congressional representative points out that places like the 7th District of New Jersey are the reason for the controlling party’s margin in Congress.

Without places like the 7th, no control of Congress!

When you have someone in there, lapdogging it for Tom DeLay and the other Texas Republicans–and the vested corporate interests who control Congress with their “speech”-money–you will never get a fair shake.

The Republican Party of nowadays is nothing like the one of 30 or 40 years ago. It is not moderate. It does not deliver for us. Yet you have the same people pulling the same lever out of inertia.