NJ.com warzone continues

NJ.com war zone continues . . .

Time for Glenn van Lier to set up his own independent website.

That Hillsborough board is totally whacked. It just seems to get worse and worse.

I’ve been too busy to participate in the thing. And if I remember “ZXragtop’s” monthly count of posts, I was like toward the bottom with five in February (mostly having to respond to Licetti who showed up there because I was posting in Hillsborough last year on things Licetti had nothing to do with.)

But I notice I do get “knocks at the door” from some of these people, asking if Hoofin can come out and play. (In that, on a search for posts with Hoofin as the search term, I get mentioned for the absolutely silliest reasons. “The new DBC” did this twice today — I haven’t posted for several days. He also did it throughout February. Wait a minute: If I do post it’s bad. If I don’t post it’s bad? )

Sorry, Hoofin is busy and cannot come out to play . . .