Hispanics make a point about political and labor strength

Labor Day boycott expected.

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I like this. The American labor movement is useless. The people who do a lot of the hard work are treated like second-class citizens. (Even though many aren’t citizens at all, really.)

So someone in the Hispanic community decides to do some good ol’ fashioned politics. Put up or shut up. What if we didn’t show up for work for one day?

The American labor movement, moribund as it has been for 35 years, should have been 100% behind this. Solidarity, brotherhood, and all that.

The people who do the work are not happy.

It turns out, many aren’t even Americans, although they live here and are part of the community.

Is this a good idea for our country to have? Basically a serf underclass without rights?

Is that America?

I know that’s what the American South was. But is it America?

I hope they all boycott Monday. It will be a good thing to think about.