NYT says: Politics Faces Sweeping Change via the Web

Happy April!

Back with a few days of posting.

Did anyone see this one in the New York Times?

Politics Faces Sweeping Change via the Web

Here is why certain figures within the Somerset County G.O.P. and its local branches have been so damn nasty, and persistent in it, for the past three or four years. And they knew what they were doing, too.

I have no doubt that these kind of trends are routinely discussed in the lobbying and law firms that suck in all that government money, the no-bid contract money, etc. (The tobacco lobby money, etc.)

Any changes in what you read about politics or the political situation, basically, screws up their plans and their revenue stream.

If you aren’t reading their biting op-ed pieces and letters to the editor in the paper, then you might get your ideas from some other source. And the piggies can’t stand that.

If you are developer attorney (and former Flannery campaign manager) Larry Powers, trying to get zoning variances from either the Planning Board that your candidate appointed—or the Zoning Board of Adjustment that she heavily influenced while on Township Council— then of course a blogger who may point things out will be a concern. Of course.

Only the problem is, a real professional would argue point-by-point and stick to facts. Not make up a battery of personal attacks over the internet for three years, including a veiled death threat. Then, when the heat is put on himself for his own actions, suddenly disappear.

I think any true American would not want to be goosestepping to the dictates of one party or the other. So I think political blogging can help the community in many ways.

If you know something about government and political figures at the local level, that you think the rest of us should know, then it’s very easy nowadays to get that out.

Let the cronies and liars try to shut it down. Soon, we’ll connect the dots back to the power people who have a problem with democracy.

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