A nice trip in Economy on Japan Airlines

More busy than usual . . .

Sorry for the infrequent posts!

This month, I was invited back to the States for a job interview.

I have been in Japan for almost an entire year, and back just twice.

Each time I fly, though, I always use Japan Airlines. (“JAL”, or “Jaru” as the nickname is here.) I just think the service in that company is world class. If you ever get a chance to do some trans Pacific flying, please book on JAL. You may not get the lowest price, but you will get the BEST price, for the trip.

(When you are faced with ten straight hours in Economy, and your view is the Pacific Ocean, you want to fly with a company that does that for a living!)

You get great food. Some of the best tasting meals in the air, OR on the ground.

This was Japanese-style dinner. Fish. There is a western menu, too.


In the meantime, listen to a variety of music, watch American or Japanese television or movies, or try to get good at this game:

The viewer can be changed to English-language for gamers. A lot is in English, so don’t worry!

But the minute you step on, you are going to be treated to Japan-style service, which is a lightyear improvement than what you find throughout America.

(Back in the States, I am amazed at the number of stores where the people who work there act like THEY are doing YOU the favor!)

So don’t let the fact that it’s a foreign carrier, or that it might be a couple dollars more, dissuade you from using what is perhaps the best airline flying the Pacific.

You will always want to fly them again.