Getting rid of Joerger

Bedminster takes the first steps.

Courier News article

By now, you have all seen the news. The people who want to get rid of Kurt Joerger in nearby Bedminster Township finally got enough signatures.

Somerset County’s first ever Recall Election has been certified!

To me, it’s interesting how quickly the anti-Joerger forces were able to mount an effective campaign against him.

Now, it’s all in the hands of Dale Florio.

If Joerger does the “right thing” by Republican Party standards and resigns, the Party will take care of him. If he decides “not to play along with the team” as a “team player”, he will probably go down to defeat on July 11. And Bedminster will be one step closer to having a Democrat-controlled Township Committee.

(Nothing inspires a local party more, than the chance of actually gaining power in an election!)

So no doubt, right now, the cellphone lines are buzzing, and backroom meetings in law firms (or lobby firms) are taking place, to convince “Kurt” to “take one for the team”.

Maybe Joerger wants to fight this one out through the election. But when a sizeable number of the public is calling you “Kurt Jerkoff”, it’s probably not wise to go into a special election in the middle of July, hoping to pull out a victory.

It’s tough to have a democracy when there is a powerful lobbyist in control of your county party.

“My political ass is fried!!”

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