So what is going on in Bridgewater??

From here, it looks like more of the same.

A school boards election, where a lot of the political junkies channel their energy, saw the removal of two school board members who didn’t support the last superintendent. (One is heavily involved in the Bedminster Medevac issue.)

When your township council doesn’t change hands very often, the political spats end up being diverted to the school board.

The funny thing, from Bridgewater forum comments, is that people think this sort of bickering has been going on only for the last five or ten years.

In fact, “School Board Wars” and “Superintendent Wars” have been a part of Bridgewater local culture for over 30 years!!! All the way back to the days of late Audrey Dittman and her nonsense.

The bruhaha over getting rid of Harwick and Teichman are no different than when Leonard Knauer knocked off a couple to put in Enid Bloch. Who was subsequently removed by an anti-Horowitz team in 1989 (I forget the names of those two—Art Weigand and someone else—but they were inevitably voted out when the pro-Horowitz forces came back.)

Fights are routinely staged on the Bridgewater-Raritan School board. It has happened for 30 years. It is nothing new.

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