Filthy Cummings Piatt, Part 2

No sooner do I post about some weasel bureaucrat from the 1980’s, then the East Stroudsberg State University becomes interested in my blog. As the Sitemeter hit shows.

I don’t know what to tell you. Cummings Piatt is immoral. He should not be in education.

Typical of Pennsylvania, that you did not do a background check on the people you hire. Especially if they are “one of yours”, you don’t ask questions.

Jake Piatt is truly a loser. Someone with little concern for students. I don’t know what the act has been, that has been played out in Pennsylvania. But when he was raking in administrator money in New Jersey, he showed little regard for the well being of students here.

I can only repeat what I have said before. You paid this guy, let him collect his oversized and undeserved pension.

I have no personal vendetta against Piatt. Frankly, God got Piatt already. In one of the worst ways.

So I believe this guy got his already. I only regret, that he was allowed to continue for as long as he was.

The Piatt home page


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