Where the Hillsborough Democrats lost last year.

As promised yesterday, a little more of the Hillsborough Township 2005 election analysis. (CLICK TO ENLARGE!)

What I did here, was take the order in which election districts voted in favor of Q3, and instead gave the margin of the Democratic team over the Republican team (the average of the votes for Martin and Gordon in a district, over that of Ferrara and Niccivoccia.)

This is incredibly interesting. If you look at the Q3 graph, it shows that Q3 was competitive until about District 27’s results are added. Then the measure fails.

If you look at the Committee vote, it isn’t until the final four or so election districts—-heavily Republican ones that also voted AGAINST Q3, that the Democrats failed. There were, in fact, plenty of districts where the Q3 proposal did not succeed, but the people were still voting DEMOCRAT.

ONLY IN THAT HANDFUL OF DISTRICTS ON THE FAR RIGHT OF THE CHART, was the margin big enough to sink both the Democrats and Q3.

If there is going to be any change in Hillsborough Township, the first thing to do is point out the election districts that vote against the REST of the township, and analyze why they are doing that.

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