One of Tom Kean’s (Junior’s) staffers pretends to be a Democrat on the internet . . .

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That’s all these campaign people do, I guess.

Hazelbaker dismissed the claim as “nonsense” and denied the campaign had anything to do with the postings.

“Oh, please,” she said. “I’m very busy. I don’t have time to focus on Blue Jersey. … I don’t blog.”

Disguising one’s identity to sway “grass roots” opinion is known on the Web as “astroturfing.” It’s hardly a crime — people use fake names on the Web all the time — but it can be an egregious breach of a site’s etiquette that can get the poster barred from the site.

Juan Melli, a graduate student at Princeton University who created Blue Jersey ( last year as a forum to discuss politics, said he wouldn’t tolerate such tactics on his site.

“This is an open forum for honest debate,” he said.

But then, we learn this:

Melli said that as the Web site administrator he was able to see that the postings shared an IP address — a unique number, much like a phone number or street address, assigned to a computer, network or other device to allow communication over the Internet. He traced that address from Princeton to a Comcast “node” in Union, before hitting a firewall. Kean’s campaign office is in Mountainside, six miles away.

But, Melli said, the IP address matched exactly the IP address in an e-mail that Hazelbaker had sent in her official capacity to a third party, who shared it with Melli. He said it is also identical to the IP address used to make a series of partisan challenges to Menendez’s biography on the Wikipedia Web site.

“I doubt Comcast would assign the same IP address to two different businesses,” Melli said.

Hazelbaker argued that the address Melli published — — is not the campaign’s IP address. It is, however, the same IP address that appears on numerous official campaign e-mails sent by Hazelbaker to The Star-Ledger through the course of the campaign.

Hazelbaker said last night that she could not explain why that IP address shows up on her e-mail, but that the campaign’s technical staff assured her Melli had it wrong. She declined to say what the campaign’s IP address is.

Basically, some little right-winger (basically) campaign bitch gets caught red-handed. Red handed. Ah, but she’s a WOMAN —- so she is going to give you ever excuse about no, no, it isn’t her.

EEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYeeeeeeee DIDnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn’t Dooooooooooooooooo It!

Rather than just apologize (or have the head of the campaign do it), and say that the campaign will only use official stationary for future releases to the public . . .