Don’t go on Fox News if you are a Democrat!

So reports Salon:

Fox News Democrats (Salon link)

Apparently, one Democrat from the Disco Era, Bob Beckel, is a target of the left-wing blogosphere. He says:

“I will put my liberal credentials and my length of time in the liberal trenches up against anybody at or MyDD or anybody else for that matter,” Beckel says. “Have they been in labor strikes, have they been on picket lines, like I have? Did they go out and work on the Equal Rights Amendment? Have they been involved in civil rights? … [B]ecause I go on Fox all of a sudden I’m not a ‘real liberal,’ and I’d just say I’m happy to debate any one of them. Let me see what their credentials are.”

The piece further points out:

But for bloggers to put their credentials up against Beckel’s, they’d have to know who he is. When they spoke with Salon for this story, neither Matt Stoller of MyDD nor Markos Moulitsas Zúniga of DailyKos, one of the leading liberal blogs, had ever heard of him.

Emphasis added.