Glenn van Lier’s new blog

It is a Hillsborough blog, sponsored by the Courier News:

Here it is!

Glenn van Lier is a citizen activist who formerly served on the Township Committee in Hillsborough. He was “mayor” in the sense that he chaired the Township Committee there for one year. (That is to say, he was not a real mayor like the system in Bridgewater.)

Van Lier has been behind the efforts of several dozen people, to get the modern form of government into Hillsborough.

He is rumored to have posted a lot on Receiving a lot of commentary by local citizens there who were put up by the Republican Party.

but now that he has his OWN blog (something I had recommended a while ago), it looks like he gets to have his say without being nitpicked and forced down side roads by people who are shills for those in power.

Good for Glenn!

Please read his blog and consider it a source.