"Ismail Ax" stands for nothing. Nothing good.

My read of this Seung-Hui Cho substory, is that Cho obviously meant something by Ismail Ax, but no one is ever going to find out.

It’s not “Rosebud”. In the movie, we were given a clue upfront. So that at the end, when Citizen Kaine’s childhood object appears (I hope I’m not spoiling it for anyone), everyone sees the significance of Rosebud.

Again, people, the real problem is the guy could buy a gun.

Knowing how America works, there will be bans on red ink pens, and questions about anyone found writing stuff on themselves–especially if it looks like the body art is some kind of esoteric English major’s trivia or inside fact.

You watch. Body art is going to become an issue, before gun control.

They will be banning the little Cracker Jack tattoo prizes before they regulate guns.

I interpret “Ismail Ax” (Or Ismael Ax, etc.) as saying, “Why did the rest of you in my state allow me to buy a gun?”