Reader mail

I got a message from a long-ago reader asking my opinions about the President.

Well, I don’t know the President personally. But I think he is a good guy. Was it always? No.

The remarkable thing to me about Barack Obama is that he showed up on the scene at just the right time. My own feeling is that he will ALWAYS be one of the great Presidents of America simply for trying to run, and winning.

And unlike most presidents, who my support (if I pick the winner) starts declining somewhat after they get in and start screwing up, my opinion of Obama is increasing as the time goes on.

I think he is a good guy.

Originally, as a registered Republican that almost always votes a Democrat now, I had my reservations. Especially when I got the comment in Japan that the First Lady had made, again allegedly, about “only now being proud of America”. And like my view was (and is), there was a lot of giveaway to minority communities in America during the 1980’s and ’90’s. And this was done by well-placed, powerful liberal people, and, yes, some Republicans. Doors were opening for the “diverse” that were being slammed in the face of other worthy people.

And usually the folks whose noses hit the door were middle-class white folks that really weren’t part of America’s power structure and ugly legacies.

I think the President understood this, maybe all his life, and I am impressed about how well he has navigated that issue. He sold me on his candidacy well before that, (because in the meantime I came to learn that the original reports of what Michelle Obama said had twisted her words.) But President Obama’s very frank confrontation of “the race issue” has, in my view, done more than the last six Presidents combined to advance race relations and heal old wounds.

This is a man who has started working as President, really, from the day after he was elected. In the sense that, ALL the problems Bush created for us, which pretty much all have come to a head 2006-08, if not before . . . Well, these are all now President Obama’s problems. And honestly, honestly, he got handed them on November 5, 2008 or whenever the next day (Wednesday after Election Day) was.

In a nonpartisan view of it—if I can have that as a Clinton supporter who went back to register Republican and now votes Democrat—Barack Obama has been working his ass off for us. By his background, he is as American as anybody–as any of us—who can deny it? (No matter what this goofy Saudi king thing was.)

And, in practically anything he does, he really shows that MERIT sent him to the top. He is a brilliant man who commands attention by the logic and wisdom of his words.

So my view is the President is a remarkable guy. I think he will be among the great Presidents. I think he will be a two-termer easily. But even if he, for some now-unforeseen reason, doesn’t make it in 2012, he will be back in 2016, 2020, 2024 etc.

His mother and father, now in Heaven, must be proud. I am sure of it.

I wish I had supported him from the get-go.