Daily Kos update

To my longer-term readers, you might remember that about two years back I tried to blog on Daily Kos, which ended in disaster.

Particularly, this was due to harassment from a poster “Condoleaser” of the same kind of obsessive sort that I used to get from some political aspirants at NJ.com forums.

Well, in the meantime the Daily Kos aggressor has been identifed, apparently, as a former chiropractor in Colorado. He was identified through a blog site called “Dave from Queens”. If you follow the link, you can get all the information.

The chiropractor “Condoleaser” was suspended by the Colorado government for allegedly doing some bad sexual things to his patients while he practised. Whether this was ulitmately true or not, I don’t know. The Dave from Queens website seems to have provided very solid evidence that this man was in fact the same person (by his own identification over the years).

This is exactly how I was saying about internet commentary in an open-source situation. To me, the only way that it can work is that the civilian “regulators” are left to rebuttal in the same forums. And those who cross the line into tortfeasing and criminality are dealt with by justice.

I don’t know exactly what “LL’s” problem is. But he should not have been using the Daily Kos site as a fix for what seems to me an inability to behave properly in any social interaction.

As Dave from Queens so well established, Daily Kos is going down. Nowadays, the premiere left-of-center site is Arianna Huffington’s Link here. Except Arianna is linking too much to other companies’ news. She does not send out and pay reporters to gather the news–she links to others that did the heavy lifting. I read that the press is getting pissed off about the aggregators–another post!

Kos’ contribution to American politics was that he showed that one could build political communities over the internet. But unfortunately, he didn’t know how to manage his model, i.e. you don’t let weirdos and others with a jackboot sense of social discourse govern it.

And so he will fade away as a dated fad, like the Pet Rock.

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