Changes afoot in Japan: new ambassador and August 30 election

I am posting this one as a set up and will do the fill tomorrow.

President Obama selected John V. Roos, a California software attorney and contributor, to be the next Ambassador to Japan.

Meanwhile on August 30, Japan will hold a general election for the powerful ower house. Many of the commentators say that the party in power, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) could be voted out of power. The LDP, through various factions, has run the country since 1955, with one exception. (That was sometime around 1994 when a coalition of other parties came together and didn’t have a clue how to maintain their hold on power.)

The most likely winner next month will be the Democratic Party of Japan, or DPJ. The DPJ currently holds the upper house of the Japan parliament (“Diet”).

It will be interesting what happens when a new ambassador arrives in town at about the same time that the Japanese government is undergoing a major and historic change. More tomorrow.