For manipulators in America, August is open season on the unsuspecting public.

The news I’m getting from back home is that town hall meetings are being disrupted throughout the country. Scary stuff.

From the New York Times about the shills interrupting community gatherings where people can talk to their Congressmen/Congresswomen:

Health Debate Turns Hostile
<—-it isn't even a debate, the paid mobs just try to silence everyone.

Shannyn Moore, the woman who called Sarah Palin out and finally put her in her place, blogs on the Huffington Post.

I like this picture about the 2000 election. The Bush campaign wanted to make sure that everyone in America thought the Florida voters wanted the recount stopped. So they flew down staffers from Washington to pretend that they were a “mob of angry Florida voters”. Shannon links to a 2005 Washington Post article that identifies each of the numbered ones, in a “where are they now” story.


All ten should have ended up in jail. Surprisingly, the only numbers this crowd ever wore are on this picture.

In 2000, the Republicans told the public that these were angry Florida voters. But in fact, they were just paid staff of Congress members.

That’s lying isn’t it?

What are the Republicans telling us now that isn’t true?

Update: the Democratic Party’s recent ad about the issue. I wonder who the dippy woman at the end is? (The one who says, “why are you ignoring his birth certificate?!!!”) The accent says Delaware County, Pennsylvania all over it. Or maybe some other Philly suburb, but not Sailth Jersey.

I have wondered what it is about August. Thinking back, all the big damaging stories manufactured by big politics or big business — often working together — seem to take root in August.

Like those leafy weeds on your front lawn if you just let nature do the landscaping. The grass dries off an all that’s left are those leafy weeds, that you have to pull out one by one. And yet they’re always back.

In 1988, August was about the time Mike Dukakis went into a free fall over “Taxachusetts”, pollution in the Boston Harbor, the tank ride and the Willie Horton ad. In 2004, another candidate, John Kerry, had his vacation swiftboated by the Swiftboaters. For the Democrats, you would think that they would have the calendar page marked with a big circle, like: Watch out! This is the month when all the sh*t starts!

And, nowadays, with 24-hour news cycles that never shut off until people who can’t take it anymore just shut it out, the TV and the net, why is it still that August is picked for the kind of antics that you don’t regularly see in America?

You know we are an awfully manipulated society. Have been for quite a while. Somebody else’s opinion—usually a big business or politics opinion backed by a whole lot of money—is sent your way in any form people can think of.

Only in recent times have the underdogs gotten better at delivering something as well: groups like unions, advocates for the truly dsadvantaged, people who support science over religion. Folks like these.

I think the last time any of those groups had the edge was in the 1930’s and ’40’s, when talking person-to-person mattered a lot more in discussing things about politics. About the only two media with any heft were radio and newspapers.

Oh, and movies that you had to show up at a specific location with the rest of the community to watch. Could you imagine sitting in a movie theater 75 years ago with some of that crowd in the DNC You Tube link above? When the Movie Tone news reported that FDR sent a Social Security proposal to Congress, three or four of the plants would probably have yelled “socialist! socialist!”

But the thing was, you actually had to sit quietly around your neighbors and townspeople! Another thing I think Americans more and more have a real trouble with: the idea that other people have rights, too! Scary stuff, I’m telling ya. And worse because of that corporate and lobbyists money behind it.

August is a traditional month for vacations. It would be nice if our country start insisting that August also become a month when the big money rabble rousers also take a vacation. And not use August to start up with their antics and baloney, in the background of ours.