White House debunking health care myths and lies of the reform foes.

White House website

The Obama Admnistration is starting to answer some of the more laughable ones that health care opponents are putting out there.

I am especially surprised about the “Death Panels”. Some of the nuttier people are saying that health care reform will introduce “death panels” which will decide if you live or die.

As Salon reports, these kinds of panels already exist at Cigna and other private insurers!

The death panels are already here (at private insurers).

Cigna killed a 17-year-old girl just last year, while it hesitated to approve coverage for a liver transplant. The head of Cigna (Henway) is getting a $72 million pension, so you see where that young girl’s health care coverage money went.

As Americans, we need to keep the insurance companies honest. Here in Japan, no one is allowed to make a private profit off delivering health care insurance. All the money collected for health care must go for health care or for its administration.

There is no one coming out in Japan with a $72 million pension or anything like that.

Years ago, Blue Cross and Blue Shield were not-for-profits. But then they were allowed to be sold off and the profit motive introduced. Once that happened, it was Katie bar the door. The more coverage Blue Cross denied, the more profit went to its new owners! Less care for you meant more money for some investor.

How do you expect to win that?

What the Obama reforms propose is that there is a Public Plan available. This Public Plan will keep the regular insurance companies honest. Because if they don’t cover what they are supposed to, they will be driven out of business. And the CEO won’t take a $72 million pension.

The Republicans and the other opposers are just trying to slow down and/or kill the debate. And the reform. Read about it here, from the Citizens for Tax Justice.

For the hecklers, birthers, “deathers” and assorted other kooks, no change is acceptable. And not just because they are being funded behind the scenes by powerful interests who don’t want that Public Plan to be available.

So they will say and do any amount of antics that shut down the process.

Is this the kind of government you want going forward? Where anytime the serious debate starts, the nuts are let loose? The liars?

We’ve seen this even in places like small town Somerset County. When a vested interest is challenged, they round up any number of people they can, tell them anything, and set them loose.

Usually behind the scenes are the big money people, trying to get their way.

I don’t trust Newt Gingrich, quitter Sarah Palin, or any of that bunch. They usually sound like they don’t know what they are talking about, and now they really sound like they don’t.