MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow slams Obama and Congress on Health reform

This is eight minutes long — but is definitely worth it.

Frankly, I don’t know much about Rachel Maddow except the name. She is a liberal talking head, but in that ever-growing practical category. You have to concede at this point that there way more practical liberals than practical conservatives. I’m not in America, but it’s so clear from here, I would be surprised if it wasn’t clear from home.

Maddow really sticks it to all the people who are f***ing around about health care reform. And the 2010 Democrats better get real used to this! This is the other side of the silly screamers yelling “Nazi” at elected Senators and Congressmen (which is particularly astounding with Specter and Franks, as I think both are Jewish).

From what I can tell, there are a handful of Senators from small states who are being manipulated by Big Insurance or some other Big Money sitting in the shadows. These guys game this shit. That’s what they do to take home a paycheck every month.

Everyone else–especially those who voted to put a Democrat in office for the changes—-they say “whoa! What the hell happened?? I thought you guys were actually for these things.”

And then it turns out that, no, we weren’t. We were just in favor of taking care of our own asses. That’s what. Off your votes! See?


Yeah, that is the modern Democratic party, isn’t it? Not so much one that believes in government. But one that believes in the government that takes care of their elected asses and those of their minions (those people who staff the congressional offices and other hangers on back home, or whoever is a paid advisor or flatterer.)

In the days of Harry Truman, you actually had to deliver as a Democrat. I think this true up until the 1960’s or ’70’s, actually.

Then sometime, it turned into “Whoa, I’m a Democrat and I won! Now the game is keeping my ass in here while the opposition looks to hand me a pink slip.”

And frankly, this is why Obama is having the problems that he is. Because he’s dealing with some Democrats for whom self-preservation isn’t just a consideration, it is the consideration.

It used to be (1920’s, ’30’s, even ’50’s) that you ran on a platform to do a certain kind of governance. And if later, the people voted you out, well, that was part of life. You maybe came back when your party was on the upswing.

Now, it takes so much damn effort to get in, that once these guys (and gals) get in, they don’t want to make any false move that might JEOPARDIZE their Congressional seat!

To me, that just makes them bait for Big Money and the payoffs.

What’s going on now, is that Big Money is going into those little states and saying, “shit man, you need to see it our way or else we’l try to hand you your ass in this state come the next election.   And since this state’s only got 600,000 people in it, it will be easy for us to MANIPULATE 300,001 of ’em.”

This is what’s going on.

I think if more Americans paid attention to what was actually going on, we could all get through this shit a lot quicker.

It’s the fact that people pretend a reality that isn’t there that you have this nonsense. They pretend that the other side is rational and fair-playing. And not below-the-belt and any-way-to-win-is-good.