Parliamentary system comes to America, courtesy of the Republicans.

The more you read about the health care debate, and the other things going on back home in 2009, it’s really so clear that the modern Republican party will simply say no to anything proposed by a Democrat.

Yet, here you have President Obama going around trying to be friends with everybody—even to the point where his real friends in the Progressive Blogosphere or Liberal Blogosphere are very upset at being slighted.

But the problem is very simple and that’s that you can’t be friends with everybody.

America often tries this internationally with countries and really I’m not sure it works.

But back home, where the lines are really well drawn on domestic issues, it’s clear that it really (and I mean RULLY) won’t work.

The whole strategy of the Republican Party is to try and pull any compromise over into something so weak and worthless that all the normal people around are going to ask “what really is the change”– at best. At worst, they are going to conclude that they are worse off. And then President Obama is toast.

Yeah, he is a relatively young man as a President (48 years old) so he can always come back from a one-term presidency in the future (2016, 2020, 2024, 2028, maybe even 2032). I don’t think that’s the game plan, however.

What the White House has to realize is that the Republicans have effectively changed our politics into a Parliamentary Democracy.

Back when there were many more moderates willing to split the difference around government, you could have a politics where you take from Column A and also from Column B.

But today’s Republican Party insists on Column B. They laugh about anything from Column A. Additionally, they will even laugh about side orders on Column B that look like they could sit in Column A.

So you have the Democrats in the White House, and some in the Senate, trying to think that everyone can all order from the menu, using all the choices out there, and come up with a nice dinner everyone can enjoy.

But no.

If the Republican guests decide everything must be from Column B, and the Democrats really, rully , want Column A, then the choice is already made for them. I mean, what exactly is today’s Republican Party trying to pull?

They lost.
Remember? The next election isn’t until the end of next year. No fair trying to obstruct everything between January 2009 and November 2010.

Japan is having its parliamentary election on August 30 — niine days from now. The talk is that the lower-house opposition party of Minshuto (民主党), the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) , is going to win “big”.

But big means that they will get maybe 230 seats of 480 (48%), to the Jiminto (自民党) “LDP” with 190 (39.5%). Small time parties will fill in the rest and allow DPJ to have 241 votes (of the 480, like I said) to pass things.

See? In a parliamentary democracy, you work to get 50% plus one. Then, you pass things. Laws.

Here, there is no “president” to sign a bill into law. I think maybe the Emperor promulgates laws, but it is some kind of ceremony. Basically, the Lower House rules, and if the Upper House is the same party, they go along.

What the Republican Party, through its intransigence, and frankly, silliness, has accomplished, is that the Democrats need to go to the model of:

218 Representatives


51 Senators (or 50 with tie-breaking Vice President)


a Presidential signature

makes the law.

To anyone with a brain, it’s clear that this is what the American politics of 2009-2010 have to be. Have to be. No choice. The Republicans forced it on the federal government, and by extension, on all of us.

Then, they can bitch all they want in 2010 about whatever passes, and in the end, the Democrats just have to defend the seats of the 37 Representatives above the 218 line, and the nine senators above 50. These would be ones who voted “no” anyway. That is, voted against their party.

So, what is the case against them, again?

In a parliamentary system, what happens is if you vote against your party, you’re usually stripped of everything. Yeah, I think you get to keep your clothes. But everything about you politically is gone. Sounds like the Republicans?

Well, the Democrats have to be like that, too. And they even have extra Congressmen and Senators that they can allow to vote “no”! And you still have this shit going on.

When Congress reconvenes, the message really out to go out that Barack Obama is tough against dissent. “Vote my way, ‘cuz Obama don’t play” as a more street way of putting it.

This means that the “no” voters within the Democrats really need to get permission for their objections. Not prance around like they call the tune. Only when they have permission, do they get to vote the “no”. And that means shutting up all along the while. This is how you train a dog, right? Even if it’s a blue one.

If the Left Blogosphere is as pissed as what seems to be the case, then that message ought to be going out already.

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