Debito has about the best take going on the Japanese elections, at Reuters

Arudou Debito’s Reuters blog

This the Hokkaido activist that I link to and support greatly.

I have read a lot of goofy analyses of the coming Japanese elections. Most written by people who aren’t even here.

Debito has been on top of the political scene for at least 15 years, and maybe more. Good for him and good for Reuters that his perspective is being carried around the interested international community.

Here is another Democratic Party of Japan commercial. They keep coming between the other standard fare on my TV.

In this one the announcer is suggesting that individuals and society should support each other, not have an “everyone for himself”, dog-eat-dog existence. At the end, Hatoyama (the possible future prime minister) says: “Soon, Regime Change” with the text in red at the right.

I particularly like the quick-frame shots of different people looking up. I think that has been used pretty effectively in cinema art before. Usually it’s before something big is about to happen. But I can’t think of any comparable examples, except maybe the end of Failsafe in 1964.

Failsafe at 6:15
(Sorry I can’t get wordpress to let me link to the exact time in the video unless I send you to Youtube.)

Or Johnson’s Daisy Ad (starting at 0:21), from the same year:

Unfortunately, both those examples have to do with a nuclear bomb about to be going off in the storyline—not a change in political power.

Maybe the effect on the LDP (the party way behind in the polls) is going to be like being wiped out. But reassuring “wo wo wo” in the background let’s you know that the planned change will be something good!

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