Newsweek out there dispelling the fear of Japan’s new leader

Newsweek online is informing the public that incoming Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama will mean good things for Japan, and good things for the Pacific Alliance.

I like this one because it’s a lot more accurate than the fear mongering about DPJ that passes for news, in some parts, about last week’s elections here.

The other day, I was saying about how there probably won’t be major changes to the U.S.-Japan defense alliance. Even though there had been earlier talk by DPJ about asking America to leave the all the military land installations, and just have the Seventh Fleet based in Yokosuka.

You’re not hearing anything like that post-election, so it was probably a certain amount of electioneering.

Japan has a great number of domestic troubles that the DPJ needs to address and otherwise clean up from the LDP. I think Hatoyama was exactly right in pointing out that the contemporary American laissez-faire drivel [my word] is not the solution to many problems we face. As an American, I am in full agreement with Mr. Hatoyama on that.

In fact, I would say the majority of Americans are nowadays, despite what the Crazies and the Town Hall Screamers back home would lead anyone to believe.

As an outsider of sorts and an observer, I am confident about the new government. It is already fast-tracking plans to deal with the social security crisis here. Plus figure out ways to come up with the money to fulfill the number of promises made in the Party Manifesto from last month. It’s all good.

As far as SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement with the U.S.), some of the things DPJ has recommended make sense. For one, I don’t see why military living off base get to walk around without an Alien Registration Card. I would side with Japan on that one. I am an American civilian, living “off base” as it goes, and I carry one. I think anyone who’s military, if they want to live out in the real Japan, they ought to follow the basic rules.