DPJ forms a coalition government.

I saw the headlines on News Zero and a few other places late today that the Democratic Party finally reached a deal with the Social Democratic Party and the New Party Nippon to govern as a coalition.

This enables the incoming government to have a working system to get bills through the Japanese parliament’s Upper House.

The big election on August 30 “merely” gave the Democratic Party (Minshuto) a large majority of the Lower House.

I was surprised that the head of the Social Demcorats, Mizuho Fukushima, who I saw once at a labor union event in Shibuya Ward, seemed to focus solely on the American troops based in Okinawa. Very little, it seemed, about labor and social insurance issues. I would think that these would be the bread-and-butter of a social democratic party. That’s the case in Europe.

It’s an aside, but I’m not certain that without the Allied (i.e. American) inspired 1947 Consitution, there would even be much of a socialist party here. Much less, that it would have been run by a woman, already twice in succession (Takako Doi and Mizuho Fukushima).

So I wonder what the focus is about the base issue in Okinawa. The U.S. and the prior Japanese government negotiated a treaty to move 8,000 of the 24,000 or so troops based in Okinawa to Guam in 2014.

Our own Democrats in America are under suspicion in some quarters for selling out their voters, by not focusing on the issues that put them in power. Democratic voters are really tired of Senators like Max Baucus and Kent Conrad, who seem to specialize in getting in the way of party prerogatives. Rather than get laws passed.

It would be a shame if the same thing goes on in Japan.

I was looking forward to seeing Fukushima-san negotiate being the head of the Labor Ministry or something meaty like that. You know the deal New Party Nippon struck will have to do with Postal Reform—that’s the reason that wing broke off from LDP and made a party.

I have to see some more about this. But if the trades in making this coalition were so skewed, I’m surprised that New Komeito (LDPs old partner) didn’t try to jump in there and be the coalition partner instead.