Let’s all be Joe “The Heckler” Wilson (Republican – South Carolina 2d District)


By now, the news is all around cybernia about how South Carolina’s Joe Wilson made an ass out of himself last night by shouting “YOU LIE!” during the middle of President Obama’s speech. (I talked the other day about Joe the Plumber. Well, here’s Joe the Heckler.)

What an ass!

The Republicans have been taking cheap shots at the President and the Democrats all summer. Some have been at it all year. But I guess no one sent the etiquette memo to this turkey. So he was still in Town Hall mode for what is in fact a very special, dignified occasion: a Presidential address to a joint session of Congress.

Today’s Republican Party has a real problem with lines. And the problem is that they blur them so much to push through their increasingly asinine political arguments in all different fora and media. But then, it comes to a point where any of them operating individually just fail to see any lines of what is appropriate behavior and what isn’t.

Can you imagine if we all became Joe Wilson? At work, on the highway, in the school, at home? Whatever we want to say to whoever and whenever . . . well, here we go!

“Hey, it’s my freedom!” (What used to be called license as distinguished from liberty.)

Cyberspace is its own lawless-type of place, and look at the backwash that it generates. People who spend time in it take it for what it is. Try to separate the cream from the, well, stuff that looks flushable.

But when the Republicans decide that they are going to bring that sort of style and feeling into our public gatherings and our governmental functions (that is, in bodies where they’ve lost a majority or a senator switched parties), then I think it’s safe to say that the Republicans have crossed uncrossable lines.

Their credibility is really shot. Joe Wilson really wrapped up the case last night, for what the Republican Party has been doing all year. Sit in the audience like fat asses and heckle the people trying to solve problems.


At least these guys did it with a little creativity and class.