Jane Hamsher at Firedoglake reports that Baucus health care bill is bull

Firedoglake post

I blogged about Jane maybe a month ago. She is in the forefront of the blogosphere about America’s health care reform and particularly what is known as the Public Option (government health insurance).

The tough part for me as a expat is having to explain to non-Americans about our screwed-up health care system. It’s like I invented it, even though I think it’s in need of serious reforms.

Most people outside of America can’t figure out how a country that allegedly is so sharp could have such a hodge-podge health care system. Especially, one that spends 17 cents on the dollar and doesn’t cover everyone. And, that if you lose your job, you lose your health coverage.

I would be happy to see some reforms, just so I don’t have to keep explaining the stupid side of America.