The Savoie Trans Pacific Soap Opera, Part IV. Then, I promise I am done.

I wanted to blog about something else today, but then I learned that the Chris Savoie media operation ramped up in full swing. There was this interview with his lawyer and new wife on CNN:

CNN link should take you there!

[Update: And Amy Savoie (new Mrs. Savoie) headed up an embassy protest in Washington.]

I think I found the latest TV installment out through Japan Probe, where a guy posting as James has been on the story that’s really CNN’s story. (CNN is doing all the running around, a/k/a work, trying to bring the story to the public, and then James comments on what CNN does on a site that accepts advertising but doesn’t share it with CNN.)

James feels that CNN’s coverage is too strongly “American” and so therefore lacks a certain credibility than CNN would allegedly have if it ignored the American perspective entirely.

As further proof:

mrs savoie next to american flag stripes

James made some snarky comment about this screen shot (that I have shamelessly re-lifted from the Probe) that CNN makes Mrs. Savoie’s head look like the rising sun. With the American flag stripes making up a Hinomaru if you don’t know that the stars are behind Mr. Savoie to the left.

stars and stripes CNN graphic

Yeah, right. Anyway, Mr. Morley, who is Savoie’s lawyer, is trying to make up lost ground and doing a bit of a job on it. He is now pointing out that Chris Savoie would not have gotten a fair chance at custody had this all played out in Japan. I think that was his strongest argument from the get-go—-and not the fact that Noriko Savoie basically got herself involved with a Tennessee court where she would have to share custody.

The lawyer is also pushing Chris Savoie’s only strong argument about Tennessee, and that’s that the former Mrs. Savoie probably got much more money than she would have if the divorce matter was litigated in Japan. She got $800,000, which is quite a sum to practically anybody. But in divorces with kids there are so many other issues that it seems at best that ex-Mrs. Savoie went to Tennessee and put up with what seems now to be clear what was happening, knowing that she could always return to Japan with the kids.

That probably was bottom line for her, too.

Like I said the other day, I don’t condone what Noriko Savoie did, but I sympathize with her situation. I can see why she did it, now that more facts are out about Christopher Savoie. And knowing something about how Japanese strategize within Japanese culture, it makes perfect sense.

I appreciate that CNN is giving the unadulterated “American view” of the news, if that’s what it is doing. Because the bottom line is that joint custody probably should be respected by Japan as a concept—if even in situations that involve only international couples (ones where one parent really is from overseas).

Re Japan Probe, it’s a little tiring to read anti-Americanism dolled up as some sort of clever observation or insight. Whoever did the CNN graphic was probably not trying to make a Hinomaru out of Noriko Savoie’s face. I’ve met a few of these Brits, continentals, Aussies who think their “anti-Yank” schtick is as cool as when they mouth it between their buddies in the home country expat group.

But after a while (a quick one), it becomes really stale. I mean, really stale. I am from America and I know exactly what America’s problems are. But what I find out these know-it-all expat critics is that they really don’t know about wide swaths of America at all.