Back to the Balloon Boy of New Jersey

While the Balloon Boy of Colorado, Falcon Heene, was making news, it looks the like Balloon Boy of New Jersey, gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie, is losing altitude and coming down faster than anyone would have thought back in the summer.

has the race about tied, and certainly within the various polls’ margins of error.

christie corzine

There was a little bit of cyberspace buzz about whether and how Chris Christie’s weight has been a factor in the race, and whether it even should be.

Like I mentioned, overweight is probably in the end a medical condition—but one influenced by diet. Because we live in eternal Summer compared to our ancestors, there is in most places of the developed world enough food around. So these defensive mechanisms to store fat that all of us carry might not be so advantageous in the modern environment.

I think processed foods play more of a role than anyone, and especially anyone connected to food mega-business, would care to admit.

And of course there are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) concerns about discriminating against people who are overweight. These are serious. But the governor’s job is a political one, not an ADA-covered one.

I think the people who point this stuff out are speaking more about the self-control and personal responsibility side of Chris Christie’s behavior. The theme out there that the Corzine folks have promoted: Christie “has one set of rules for himself, and another set for everyone else.”

Chris Christie’s overall fatness tends to make a caricature for the other, personality, issues that get voters uncomfortable. A loudmouth know-it-all bully—a trap which big people who are even zaftig have to watch out for.

Me, I don’t like the fact that when medical coverage is such an issue back home, this guy can go around and be against it. But if he had a heart attack, diabetes, or some other condition that is more common in overweight people, he’s got medical coverage. He’s a multimillionaire.

When you look at how the modern GOP went after how many Democratic candidates in the last 30 years for damn near any personal appearance flaw or foible they could identify, it seems that those calling Christie fat, making jokes or even pointing it out aren’t anywhere near out of bounds of the line the GOP painted.

Especially when the New Jersey contingent of the “Where’s the President’s Birth Certificate?” crowd starts wailing.

This is a little bit of sauce for the goose for the Democrats, when you can present a candidate who by our own, mammalian gut animal instincts, just appears fitter and wiser than the guy the Republicans served up.

But whatever they made of the one commercial where the Corzine camp said that Christie “threw his weight around” to get out of paying a penalty for a bad traffic accident, it’s nothing compared to this piece created by Independent Chris Daggett:

Here, Daggett’s got Chris Christie like some sort of buffoon. A Jackie Gleason or John Goodman. Fred Flintstone. The guy in the sketch can’t even support his own weight standing still, and needs “rescuing” off an escalator. The implication is that he can’t climb a set of stairs.

If Daggett were in fact the stalking horse, he did Corzine some big favors with that piece, which I understand ran on TV back home. The Democrats are there trying to figure out ways to talk about the negatives in Christie’s personality, and Daggett just, well, let’s it all hang out.

It’s not nice to make fun of people, that’s what we’re taught, and in general that’s so true. But a guy going for office who made a career out of pointing fingers at other politicians in the other party for their character flaws is going to have people talk about his.