The next stage of the U.S.-Japan Futenma spat

Catching the headlines, the Japan Times says that Foreign Minister Okada isn’t looking to visit Washington to meet with Hillary Clinton after all.

Earlier news had it (probably accurately), that the Japanese Foreign Minister wanted to go to Washington and, while there, meet with Secretary Clinton. But later news (again, probably accurately) reported that, given the Okinawa situation with Japan backing off the 2006 accord, Secretary Clinton would likely not meet with Okada.

So today, we have it where Okada only said he would like to visit Washington. Not that he was going there to speak with any U.S. government officials.

I hear when the cherry tree leaves change color in the fall in Washington, it can be quite a sight, too.

There are a number of impressive federal buildings and memorials that are worth a look. Some fine restaurants.

This kind of thing is going to go on for months.

And with every issue.