Temple University Japan wiki improved a bit, bottom line as hazy as ever. (7)

An update: I notice that the Temple University Japan wiki has become a bit more clear since I originally pointed out that the school said it had a lot more “students” attending than it had actual matriculated, degree-pursuing students.

But how Temple University Japan funds itself is as unclear as it was before. And not that I’m holding my breath. Getting a straight answer from the administration there is one of these “whack a mole” exercises that I mentioned last month.

The controller’s office in Philadelphia released the latest fiscal year report (year ending June 30, 2009), here.

The only change is that Temple Japan (“TESS”) revenues and expenses are about 10% higher. This is likely because the yen was 10% higher between Fiscal 2008 and Fiscal 2009. So nothing about whether the expenses are really just an allocation of Pennsylvania money, or where the rent for the Japan locations appears in the financial statements.

I personally tried to update the wiki for this issue, but it got rejected because my only “source” would be back to this blog. But really, the source is those financials. Except there is no corresponding color commentary as to what they actually show.

Oh well.

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