The headache of blogging

I am in one of these funks where I could write about eight or nine different topics, but have no motivation to put anything down through the keyboard.

You know what “they” say, about how there are these millions of blogs, but mostly only ones read by the poster and their mother? Well, I am maybe in the one-league-up from that. I might get 60 or 70 individual hits on a given day—and that’s not double-counting any regulars for whom I’m on their regular reading list. (Thank you, guys, by the way!)

The number maybe accumulates to a couple thousand over a month. Most of these are one-hit visits, though.

It’s mostly that I like to write about the things I want to talk about. The better known expat bloggers around Tokyo or Japan focus on one set of topics. And they go at it, usually with a BBS attached. The BBS shoots their numbers up way high on Sitemeter, Alexa, or Google. But in fact they have a slightly larger audience of people. And those people are either checking back or posting BBS messages throughout the day.

I’m not into that. I appreciate when I DO get messages, of course. But like I say, the unregulated BBS turns into petty fights in not so long a time, and I don’t have the patience to moderate that kind of sh*t.

Some times I blog, and I don’t really care if anybody reads it. It’s just out there.

Sometimes people pick up a post from six years ago, and they contact me about it. That’s really something.

For the most part, I think most potential bloggers became “twitterers”. In addition to the bloggers who also “twitter”.

Early twenty-first century communication is interesting.