There is an Eggo shortage.

The AP is reporting that two of the four factories that make Kellogg’s Eggo waffles are shut down for different reasons.

As a result, Eggos are disappearing from shelves all over America.

It’s hard for me to think that a product that is just basically a different form of pancake waffle (white flour, eggs, water) could have a shortage. And the cynic in me says this is a media campaign—even though it seems pretty clear that two of the four plants that make Eggos are indeed out of commission.

In a recession/mild recovery with so much spare capacity, it’s surprising Kellogg’s can’t outsource production to someone else.

One thought on “There is an Eggo shortage.

  1. Don’t worry. America still has the McGriddle. Available in Japan too! Syrup injected into a hybrid pancake/English muffin! My arteries are contracting in excitement!

    Long live breakfast Franken-Food! Made in the USA! (maybe… gotta check that one)

    I can’t wait until somebody in the southern States decides to fry it for a state fair. 🙂

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