Okinawa update: SDP may leave coalition if US does not quit Futenma.

The Japan Times reports that Mizuho Fukushima is laying down the law to Prime Minister Hatoyama over the Futenma relocation.

In short, Fukushima’s Social Democratic Party, a junior coalition member, wants to breach the treaty. And now, is saying that they’ll quit the coalition unless they get their way.

I think this is awful for two reasons:

1) It probably isn’t going to happen, and looks like it’s just a means to gain more concessions from America while simultaneously making America look like an aggressor in the region. The reason the bases are there are as a check on China.

2) Mizuho Fukushima is the Minister in Charge of Consumer Affiairs and the declining birth rate. Not Minister of Defense. I have a consumer lease issue that I would love to discuss with one of her people, once they finally get around to protecting consumers and not nosing into other ministers’ portfolios!