Army brats making life difficult for the U.S. military in Japan.

So reports the Japan Times, here, about four young kids who allegedly almost killed a woman on a motor bike. The four are said to have run a trip wire across a road near Yokota Air Base last August. Evidently, to see who would come along and be hurt by it.

The Times reports that the U.S. military handed the youthful suspects over to the Japanese authorities.

I don’t know what consideration minors get under Japanese criminal law. But realistically, what an awful mess these four caused. The woman who was harmed, a 23-year-old on a motorbike, suffered a fractured skull.

Isn’t that a day for you? You are in your own country, normally enjoying the open roadways of your own country, when some brats from another country’s military decide to engage in some reckless endangerment. And you end up in the hospital with a fractured skull.

I remember the Michael Fay case in Singapore, around 1994. This was an American expat kid who did some vandalism and was caned by the Singapore government. A literal ass-whupping, for property damage (not injury to a person).

You don’t hear about young Americans committing any crimes in Singapore these days, or really since 1994.

When you consider the change of government and all the headline news about Okinawa, it’s particularly unfortunate what these delinquents chose as “summer fun”.