OKINAWA: OK, I need another worthy ally.

I wonder if OKINAWA stands for: OK, I Need Another Worthy Ally.

The New York Times reports that Prime Minister Hatoyama here will propose some adjustment to the 2006 treaty about relocating American forces within Okinawa, and sending some to Guam.

Anything other than the 2006 treaty is, of course, a breach. But I gather that the Obama Administration is interested in at least hearing what changes the Japanese would want.

Like I said yesterday, America needs to be really careful that we simply aren’t being played for fools, as has gone on since the Theodore Roosevelt Administration. The sad fact is, that contrary to what the article says about us “protecting” Japan, Japan can in fact protect itself. However, it would have to protect itself. I highly doubt the Chinese forgot about what was done to them in the Second Sino-Japanese War, even if the Japanese have already forgotten.

Just because Japan forgot about what they did in the Second Sino-Japanese War, doesn’t mean the Chinese forgot. Right? Does that make sense to you?

America’s presence here helps to discourage the outbreak of a Third Sino-Japanese War. I don’t know if it’s right for the New York Times to describe this as “protect”. If Japan got a few of their own nukes, which with their technology they could easily build, then maybe they are safe without us.

The United States’ alliance puts our “skin in the game”. That is the bottom line. We stand with Japan. And it appears, we do so no matter how many times Japan shits on our citizens.

One thing that’s really clear. And, oh, man, how clear it is, is that the people back home don’t have a clue as to the dynamics of the Pacific hemisphere. Someone really needs to go back home and educate people as to how America is used by Japan, and also by the sellout Pacific Elite from America. That is, those Americans here who sell out their fellow countrymen in order to get rich in Japan.

No one talks about that.