Obama won’t meet with Hatoyama. Why is this even news?

The Japan Times reports that Washington isn’t interested in discussing Futenma (the Okinawa situation) with Japan anymore.

Why is that even news? Right?

I think what the Japanese government doesn’t understand is that America is tired of the various games that get played.

Once it became clear what the new Japanese government was up to, I think the hands in Washington said to shut it all down, basically. If the prime minister here thinks that he is going to get a favorable reception, or any “help”, really, from Washington, he can forget it.

Even after the ruling party dumps Mizuho Fukushima from any role in the ruling coaition, I still think it will be a while before Washington trusts Tokyo under Minshuto.

It is just a real shame that the first major initiative Hatoyama picked under the “seiken koutai” was to demonize America and make our presence in the Okinawa bases into some bad thing. For the life of me, I still can’t understand why they did that.

I really think the line got crossed when America began to be made to look bad for the help it provides Japan. This help is due to the aggression and mistakes of Japan’s ancestors.

If modern Japan is willing to own up to those mistakes of previous generations, it’s one thing. But to try and paint America as some regional bully is beyond the pale. So it’s appropriate for the Obama Administration to simply refuse to deal. Good for them!

At least I don’t feel like I’m wasting my tax money paying for things here for people who turn around and make my country look bad . . .