’s Ron Kessler is connected to HealthOne Japan

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Out of curiosity about some small thing on Shawn’s “Let’s Japan” blog, where he said, well, I’ll quote it:

Update 12/7: has contacted Let’s Japan and informed me that their client requested that this URL be taken down since I posted private and confidential correspondence intended for their client only. On that note, I’ve removed the letter from this post.

I thought I would check out who holds the domain for

Unless there are two Ron Kesslers running around the town of Miki, I think that’s the Ron Kessler who wrote in the Japan Times about “private health insurance” as a valid alternative to the Kokumin Kenko Hoken and the Kousei Kenko Hoken.

Do just a little bit more Googling, and you discover that HealthOne is a product of Legend Travelers:

(This is reproduction for purposes of comment and criticism, 17 United States Code section 107).

Let me enlarge that a bit for you. They give some background about the company:

“Legend Travelers is owned by long-term expatriates in Japan who offer free consulting in English about insurance matters. They are licensed by the Japanese government and are incorporated in Osaka.”

More later.

[Update: a robtex search shows that Legend Travelers’s server hosts the Free Choice Foundation website. Click to enlarge.]