Ron Kessler’s is tied to website telling foreigners tricks to get out of Japan’s NHI


The same server that hosts also hosts, a site educating expats about techniques (lies) to get out of Japan’s kokumin kenko hoken once enrolled . . .

Let’s look at this a bit more. The site, which is a server based in the United States, actually houses the e-mail functions of a number of businesses and activities, including:

Legend Travel
Legend Travelers (the site I just mentioned)
Kigcafe (a Nichiren Buddhist site)
HealthOne (the company that threatened Shawn at with a “copyright” matter)
MedOne (an insurance-over-the-internet company related to Health One) (Kessler’s ham radio identification and site of Kessler Kabushikikaisha)
Gummymonster (Don’t ask me.) (website for another “private” insurer brand owned by Legend Travelers
Travelerstrust, which I think is their travel insurance company based in America. Probably a subsidiary of Legend Travelers. I’m not sure whether the Travelers Insurance (the one with the umbrella symbol) has sent them any letters pointing out possible confusion and a trademark issue!

Presumably Ron Kessler has a relation to all of these