Is someone trying to cover Free Choice Foundation’s tracks?

I am still on this thing from yesterday.

Using the Robtex website, at, of course, I noticed that someone has decided (within the last day?) to put up an “mx record” or mail exchange record, pointing the e-mail destination for National Health Insurance Watch to a GoDaddy hosted server.


As we saw yesterday, there is a “ptr record” or pointer record for National Health Insurance Watch at the same IP address ( as all the other websites that seem to have a connection, one way or another, to Ron Kessler of the Free Choice Foundation.

So, to recap:

1) “” hosts the HealthOne website. was registered by Ronald Kessler and the location given was Miki in Japan. Even though “” itself is in the United States.

2) a Robtex search shows that a number of “ptr” pointer record e-mail functions are linked to, which in turn is hosted by the same “”. There are a finite number of sites connected to “” and I listed these yesterday, and they include Free Choice Foundation, HealthOne, National Health Insurance Watch, and Kessler K.K.

3) Someone had previously set up a National Health Insurance Watch website on a GoDaddy host. But they never updated the function where “” only pointed to until (it appears) yesterday. Now, it appears that site has two connections.

Why do all these sites have the common connection, though?