What to do if HealthOne does not give your money back?

There are a few questions out there from people who would like to enroll in the real (i.e. approved) Japanese health insurance programs, but they’ve already paid money to companies like HealthOne or the sister “private” insurers.

My advice is to ask for your money back. If that doesn’t work, take it to the next level, wherever you have to, in the government.

I am certain that groups like General Union or Tokyo NAMBU would be all ears to helping people trying to straighten it all out and get square with the government.

That is the biggest worry out there for people who have been corralled into this bogus “private option”. What happens if they try to straighten it out with the government, and the government asks for the 2 years’ back premiums?

Since there’s plenty of evidence coming forward that a lot of the misinformation being put out is coming indirectly from companies like Legend Travelers (the brand holder of HealthOne), it’s really fair to argue that Legend Travelers should make good for these “misunderstandings”.

Isn’t it?

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