Website telling foreigners in Japan tricks to get off Japanese National Health Insurance disappears!

See for yourself:

“How foreigners are withdrawing from the NHI”

Totally gone. And it didn’t take more than, what, 48 hours?

As Yogi Berra is alleged to have said, “you can observe a lot by watching.

One day, you have a website out there that has connections to “nowhere”, authored by some mysterious person, offering people different lies, basically, that other people allegedly used to get out of what is an obligation written into Japanese law. It’s obviously the wrong thing to do! But the person behind the website only “gets religion” when others start saying, “hey isn’t what you’re promoting via your website really just encouraging people to lie?” So now, it’s gone. Without apology.

“You can observe a lot by watching.”

I haven’t had a hit like that (no pun on Yogi playing ball) since I gave the pro-reform forces in Hillsborough Township, New Jersey the winning argument in 2004, with their petition case before the state court judge.

Thank you to whoever out there helped point the insurance dodge one out to the powers that be.

Now it only lives on in places like the Kansai Flea Market online [Update: Oops, now you see it now you don’t!]:

Health One (#472), Med One (#473), Travelers Trust (#474) and, whoa! National Health Insurance Watch (#475)[Update #2: They are all gone except Legend Travel, a related company. This is as of 12/17 still an active link.] [Update #3: still in the Google cache, though]:
Google cache link

Of course, since the linked site’s down now, it’s pretty clear the “advice” given isn’t really meant to be taken!

I guess I’m just the “gaikokujin who restored peace and quiet” to the local ward insurance desk.

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