The Year of the Cat

To mark the Chinese zodiac Year of the Tiger, 2010, I decided to listen to Al Stewart’s 1976 hit “Year of the Cat”.

What cracks me up about the posts people stick on You Tube entries, is that many people say about these classic songs, “hey, they sure don’t make them like that anymore!!”

Yet if you were around in those days, the people of the time were saying “those darn longhairs and that noise they call music!”

Which just goes to show you, de gustibus non est disputandum

I finally learned the lyrics after 33 years. (Now I can do the karaoke version and be confident it’s right.)

I like the opening and the interlude. Since it was still a time when you couldn’t be explicit in lyrics and expect to get airtime, that was obviously when the singer was getting it on with the silk dress, moon-in-the-sea chick.