Shibuya Prison Fire: lost history?

[See note: at least lost in English!]

One bit of World War II history I’m interested in, and can only find one reference to on the net.

In May 1945, during a firebombing raid on Tokyo, a POW prison located somewhere in Shibuya Ward caught fire. There were 62 American airmen imprisoned there, along with common criminals and maybe political unfortunates of Tojo’s Tokyo.

What the prison superintendents did was release all the Japanese prisoners and left the Americans locked up to die. They all burned to death.

This was a war crime. So there was a trial, United States v. Kingoro Fukuda. Fukuda, I believe was the superintendent of the prison where the murders occurred.

As I mention, only one site has a reference to this event, at “USMD-14”. (It looks to be a site that sells historical reference materials, which is a bit troubling if you if you consider this particular event a bit. Plus, were these the notes of a government worker, or a press reporter? [UPDATE: I am surprised that item is still for sale (i.e. someone is trying to make $1,000.00 off it) given the nature of the event.])

I’ve walked all around Shibuya Ward in the past few years, but I’ve never seen a marker or anything to indicate where the POW camp/prison had been.