Do the people who control the prosecutor run Japan?

Reading about the Ozawa investigation, I am struck by how many elected officials here get stuck in money scandals.

Unlike America, where sex and marital scandals seem to be the order of the day, in Japan it always seems to be about money. (Back home, perennial Democratic candidateJohn Edwards is the latest, but there’ve been whole slew of Republicans before that. And of course the Clinton-Lewinsky matter from the 1990’s.)

It makes me wonder that the people who really control Japan are the ones who control the prosecutor’s office.
You would assume that would be the ruling party itself. But maybe not!

Just a few weeks ago this man was walking before the TV cameras, chest out and grinning like the Big Cheese everyone felt he was. Now, he’s showing up, at least on my set, looking more like an embattled accused.